Benvenuti a Tema Moda 

Inspired by the sophistication and elegance of Italian culture, Tema Moda brings you the latest in designer fashion and footwear direct from Italy. Fashion (moda) was born in Italy. Strolling along the cobblestone streets of Portofino or sipping a spritz in Capri, the Mediterranean style came to stand for beauty, elegance, and grace. Tema Moda continues the proud tradition of Italian couture with a contemporary touch.

If you are after a unique style that is simple yet elegant, then look no further than Tema Moda. An Australian-Italian brand, Tema Moda was established by a mother-daughter team whose passion for the artisanal craftsmanship of Italy is apparent in every piece. Each creation is a labour of love, handcrafted with exquisite detailing using only the highest quality Italian fabrics.

Sourced from the most prestigious fabric mills in Italy, Tema Moda is proud to design garments that ooze timeless chic. Their collection boasts exclusive limited editions, meticulously formed and carefully selected. What truly makes Tema Moda unique is the elegance, style and quality deeply rooted in its Italian identity

Our Brand

The name Tema Moda is derived from Emanuela and Roberta’s surnames, Te (Tellaroli) and Ma (Marchesini), combined of course with the word ‘Moda’ which is the Italian word for fashion. Fashion and Design are important to both Emanuela and Roberta and they source each piece of clothing directly, to ensure that their customers are only getting the best of what Italy has to offer.

La Storia 

Founded by Emanuela Tellaroli and Roberta Marchesini, Tema Moda is a family-owned company with a strong history in high-end Italian fashion and dressmaking. At the age of 14, Emanuela started as a seamstress. Over 50 years, she rose the ranks of Italian fashion dressmaking for top luxury brands . Having spent over five decades with international luxury brands, she is now exclusive to Tema Moda.

Based in Lake Garda in an area rich in culture and natural beauty, Emanuela is passionate about creating and sourcing elegant clothing and accessories that are proudly produced by Italian artisans. Emanuela and Roberta have created an elegant clothing line that blends Italian heritage with modern styling. Tema Moda’s entire portfolio is made in Italy from natural Italian fabrics. Before creating a new design, each bit of fabric is reviewed to ensure that it’s locally sourced, of top quality and ethically produced. 

Emanuela Tellaroli Design

Exclusive to Tema Moda

Tema Moda Team

Roberta Marchesini

Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Roberta is Tema Moda’s Co-Founder and Marketing Director. With many years of marketing experience and growing up surrounded by the fashion industry, Roberta was inspired to showcase her Italian heritage to customers all over the world. As a lover of fashion, she has always been complimented on her beautiful clothes and fashion choices, all of which have been sent direct from her mother in Italy. Having lived in Australia for 15 years, she understands the Australian lifestyle and how important it is to purchase quality, sustainable clothing that is designed to last.

Emanuela Tellaroli

Co-Founder, Creative Designer and Fashion Buyer.

Emanuela is our Co-Founder, Creative Designer and Fashion Buyer. With over 50 years of experience in Italy’s fashion industry, she is a fashion icon and expert. Starting her fashion career at just 14, Emanuela has been immersed in Italian couture for most of her life and was always found in front of a sewing machine. She opened her own store in 1990, creating wedding dresses and top fashion items for big Italian luxury brands. Her specialised hand stitching, embroidery and exquisite detailed designs are representative of her success and are now exclusive to Tema Moda’s customers.


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