Why Should You Choose Sustainable Fashion?

Why Should You Choose Sustainable Fashion?

With the rise of Instagram and TikTok, fast-fashion brands have started churning out clothing as quickly as possible to keep up with the demand. These clothes align with the latest trends and have promotions with top influencers. Fast fashion might be tempting, but it's not good for the environment, your wardrobe or your wallet. As an alternative, an increasing number of brands have offered sustainable fashion (or "slow fashion") that lasts longer and has a lesser impact on the environment.

Unlike fast fashion, which uses cheap materials to churn out as many pieces as possible, sustainable fashion uses durable, high-quality materials that last for years to come. Each Emanuela Tellaroli piece offers timeless fashion that you can wear any season. When you become an educated consumer, you'll save money, support small businesses and help save the environment. Here's why you should switch to sustainable fashion:

1. Sustainable Fashion Supports the Fashion Industry

Fast fashion is great for grabbing a few cheap pieces, but the manufacturers aren't concerned with quality. Instead, they use the cheapest materials and fastest processes to get their clothes online, resulting in clothes that fall apart after a few weeks. Sustainable clothing takes fashion back to its roots by focusing on design, integrity and quality craftsmanship. When you buy clothing from an eco fashion company, you're supporting a business that keeps the traditional side of the fashion industry alive. You're also promoting a small business that needs your help to stay afloat.

2. Sustainable Fashion Saves Money

At first glance, fast fashion might appear to be much cheaper than sustainable fashion. You can grab a fast fashion shirt for $5, while a slow fashion shirt might cost $30 or more. However, fast fashion dissolves in the washing machine after a week or two, forcing you to buy more. Sustainable clothing uses natural, durable materials like cotton and wool that hold up to years of regular use. Instead of buying new clothing every week, you'll buy a select number of pieces each year, which saves hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run.

3. Sustainable Fashion Helps The Environment
Fast fashion burns through materials rapidly with no regard for the environment. This is bad enough when they use natural materials, but most companies use non-renewable resources like petroleum to make their fabrics. Fast fashion suppliers also burn up fuel, gas and energy as they churn out thousands of clothes. Plus, most fast fashion is made from non-biodegradable materials that add even more tons of waste to the landfills.

Conversely, sustainable clothing offers natural, renewable fabrics and eco-friendly production methods that use minimal energy. Sustainable clothing brands are also more likely to use ethical sources, like family-owned farms. Since eco fashion brands use biodegradable materials, their clothing breaks down when you throw it away instead of taking up space in a landfill. This makes sustainable clothing an environmentally friendly choice that protects the environment instead of draining resources.

4. Sustainable Fashion Trims Down Your Wardrobe

While buying hundreds of pieces might seem like the best way to accessorize, you can come up with thousands of looks with a small wardrobe. Instead of splurging on new clothing every week, choose a select number of sustainable pieces. You'll surprise yourself with the number of looks that you come up with by mixing and matching the pieces. You'll also save money and learn how to appreciate your wardrobe instead of burning through clothing as fast as possible.

Once you've switched to eco fashion, you'll never buy cheap, rushed-quality clothing again. Start browsing online today to jump into the world of sustainable fashion. Check out our sustainable collection.

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