Unlocking the Hidden Power of Artisans

Unlocking the Hidden Power of Artisans

Tema Moda strongly believes in the importance of supporting artisans and ensuring the sustainability of the fashion industry. Italian artisans are renowned for their remarkable craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. They create exceptional products that embody the rich traditions and techniques of Italy. By supporting these talented artisans, we not only preserve their invaluable skills but also contribute to the cultural heritage of our community.

In this week's blog, we speak with Tema Moda's CEO, Roberta Marchesini and ask her why artisans are so very important to her and the team at Tema Moda.


Roberta, what made you decide to support artisans in your business?

Having grown up in the world of artisans, with my mother being a seamstress, I have been exposed to this industry from a young age. I witnessed my mother start her wedding dress shop in our home and later expand to her own workshops with employees. Along the way, I met many of her artisan friends who unfortunately had to close their businesses due to affordability issues. They faced tough competition offering much lower prices for their products, making it unsustainable for them to continue working. Only a few artisans were able to survive - those whose skills were almost irreplaceable. My mother was one of those lucky ones, as she continued working for a number of reputable Italian fashion luxury brands. However, it is disheartening to see that fewer and fewer people are willing to learn these traditional crafts, leading to the disappearance of the artisanal world. That's why I am passionate about supporting these artisans and ensuring that their skills are passed down for generations to come.

What value do artisans give the community?

The artisans in our community are dedicated to preserving traditional skills that have been passed down through generations. These skills and techniques continue to evolve and improve over the years, as talented individuals contribute their own unique touches. The result is a constant elevation in the quality of their work. Not only do these artisans support local workers by teaching and guiding them, but they also foster an environment of collaboration and support among themselves. There's a sense of camaraderie among them, forming a tight-knit hub of artisans who support one another. It's like being part of a warm and nurturing community where everyone lends a helping hand and shares their expertise with the world. Their hope is to find others as passionate as they are to continue preserving these cherished traditions.

Why is it so important to transfer these skills to future generations?

If the skills of artisans fade away, it signifies a loss of knowledge and passion, as well as less sustainability in favour of mass production. It is crucial for young people and future generations to recognise the importance of preserving these skills and have the desire to pursue careers in this industry. Despite the increasing technological advancements and access to vast amounts of information, the world of artisans is often undervalued, resulting in a decrease in interest in pursuing jobs within this sector. However, what will happen when this world eventually disappears? Who will create products that are crafted with perfection and designed to last indefinitely? Will machines be able to replace the abilities possessed by talented artisans? These questions warrant careful consideration as we navigate an increasingly automated world.

What can we learn from artisans?

Fashion in Italy has a rich history that dates to the 11th century. Throughout the centuries, skilled artisans have passed down their expertise from one generation to the next. In this era of constant evolution spanning ten centuries, these artisans embody craftsmanship, dedication, creativity, and mastery of techniques. Their deep knowledge and understanding of their craft are exceptional. Having learned from masters themselves, they continue to pass on their mastery to others. The result of their hard work is nothing short of remarkable - exquisite details and masterpieces that showcase their skills is unparalleled.

Why are artisan skills disappearing?

In today's highly competitive world, it can be quite challenging for artisans to maintain sustainability. With everyone trying to save money and cut corners, the demand for mass-produced products that appear similar but come at a lower price is on the rise. However, as someone with ample experience in this industry, I can confidently say that the quality of these products never matches up. This unfortunate situation has caused many aspiring individuals in this field to lose hope in their growth prospects.


At Tema Moda, we are committed to preventing this downfall and ensuring a bright future. We are committed to preserving the artistry and craftsmanship that define our industry. In fact, I am even considering pursuing further education or creating opportunities for learning within our organisation to ensure that this timeless tradition remains alive and thriving.


Remember, when you buy Tema Moda, you are also supporting artisans.


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