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The latest Italian fashion insights by Emanuela Tellaroli

The latest Italian fashion insights with boutique designer Emanuela Tellaroli.

When you think of high-end Italian designer fashion, your mind immediately wanders to global icons like Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. Italian fashion, known as La Moda Italiana, is renowned for its sophistication, high-quality craftsmanship and luxurious design. Italy’s romance with fashion has evolved throughout the years but the principles have remained the same – intricate style and quality will always be paramount. To understand more about Italy’s fashion heritage, Emanuela Tellaroli, Co-founder and Fashion Designer at the exclusive boutique Tema Moda, gives her insight into ‘la Moda Italiana’…the style, the influence and the evolution.

If you ask Emanuela to describe Italian fashion, she’ll say it embodies class, elegance and beauty with precise cuts and artisanal fabrics. At Tema Moda, we couldn’t agree more, La Moda Italiana is among the best in the world. Italians take great pride in the way they dress, they love to look elegant and dress for any occasion – yet always appearing comfortable, relaxed and easy-going at the same time. 

Inside almost every Italian woman’s closest will be classic style items including a tailored jacket and pants/skirt, an elegant designer dress for formal occasions, sporty and practical clothing when needed and good quality clothes for every other occasion. Italian men and women love to indulge in premium designer brands that feel great, look good, and last long. Quality is where Italians focus the most – they know their fabrics and invest in stylish clothing to make them feel elegant, empowered and stand out.

Today, the Italian fashion industry embraces sustainability. Fashion designers and boutique fashion stores are sourcing sustainable fashion options to meet the needs of their customers and their environmental impact. Brands are not only investing in fabric research but also in the whole production process. This remarkable new process combines the tradition of Italian craftsmanship with the modern idea of a circular economy, ensuring practicality and eco-friendly products that are designed to last. 

Forward-thinking Italian fashion designers are creating and producing a more practical and sustainable collection, while still encompassing the high-end chic style that Italy is famous for. “They keep the beauty of Italian fashion alive, but bring it to the present, allowing the history and traditions of designer fashion to live on.” – Emanuela Tellaroli

Italy is surrounded by immense beauty, not only in fashion but in culture. Italian designers draw on the natural picturesque landscapes of their hometowns and vibrant city centres, bringing colour and life to their clothing. From the arts to the monuments, the food to the wine, Italy is full of inspiration and exports beautiful sustainable fashion all over the world. Most Italian designers are committed to keeping Italian culture alive in their fashion. At Tema Moda, we are lucky to have our own very talented designer, Emanuela Tellaroli, who not only sources boutique, sustainable labels for our store, but also designs a range of clothing that is exclusive to Tema Moda.

Designers in Italy are opening schools for sewing, cutting and embroidery, to ensure that this traditional craftsmanship is not lost on future generations. We are paying it forward for our children and our grandchildren so that the creative, meticulous detail that goes into designer fashion is not lost. These days, Italian fashion is so versatile, it can be matched with any wardrobe staple to create an elegant look. At Tema Moda, we like to mix multiple fashion styles and blend them together, giving you access to Italian fashion with a taste of global trends. We turn basic designs into exceptionally beautiful outfits.

It’s never been so easy to shop Moda Italiana online. Tema Moda has opened its online boutique to the global market. View our designer dresses, Emanuela Tellaroli designs and quality sustainable fashion, from wherever you are in the world, Tema Moda, we ship globally, so that you can enjoy the beauty and elegance from Italy every day.

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