Start your sustainable fashion journey

Start your sustainable fashion journey

6 Ways to recognise an ethical clothing brand

The clothes we choose to wear make-up a big part of our personality. Whether we want them to make us feel beautiful, confident or stylish. However, there is an underlying price to pay, if we do not change our ways of buying our clothes. In Australia, we are placing over 6,000 kilograms of textiles into landfill every 10 minutes. This is an alarming statistic, and we need to address this. One of the ways is how we buy our clothes and investing in more ethical quality clothes may be a good idea.

Poor quality made clothes are not just a waste of money, they also add to landfill. They are made from natural fibres and synthetics, but not all of them are created equal.

A good way to change our habits is by simply treating the clothes we buy with more care. We can do this by choosing more ethical brands, buying less often and considering what kind of impact our shopping habits have on the environment.

Buying quality and ethical clothing is now more expensive than it once was, but this is because the good quality and ethical brands produce high-end products that last longer. The end result is that you spend less money over time, as your wardrobe becomes worth more than when you first made it up.

Here are 6 ways to recognise an ethical brand:
  • Understand that an ethical brand is different from an ethical product or collection.
  • Look at the price and ask yourself what the real cost is.
  • Investigate if the brand engages in fair labour practices.
  • Look for brands using sustainable materials.
  • Look for accreditations and/or certifications.
  • Look for transparency in production.
If you have high-end clothing, then it is just as important that you care for your clothes in a manner that makes them last longer. The following tips will help keep your clothes looking their best longer:
  • Follow the label’s specific instructions on how best to wash your clothes. If it says to gentle machine wash, then ensure that you carefully select this item on your washing machine. If it says to dry clean, then stick to this advice.
  • Learn a few quick sewing stiches for hems or other mishaps. As the saying goes – “A stitch in time saves nine”.
  • Investigate a good local tailor.
  • And if your clothes are still in good condition, instead of throwing to landfill, give them to a charity in need.

At Tema Moda our ready to wear collection and products are made in Italy, with a strong focus on sustainability and the environment. Our passion for fashion and the environment drives us to create elegant, sustainable women’s clothing that is made to last and to provide the finest product made by local artisans.

If you love quality, then invest in your wardrobe with ethical and high-quality clothing. They last longer, look more attractive, are more flattering and they are built to last.

Made with Amore – Always!

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