Onwards, to innovation and sustainability

Onwards, to innovation and sustainability

After being awarded “Corporate Responsibility Executive of the Year”, Caterina Nesci became chief marketing officer at Tema Moda. 

Benedetta Ferrara, Journalist at IL GLOBO

    Caterina Nesci has always thrived through change, having undergone many transformations, rediscovering herself time and time again, ready to tread diverse professional paths free from habit and conformity.

     An advocate for environmental and social change and incredibly passionate about guiding women towards financial literacy, Nesci recently received CEO Magazine’s coveted ‘Corporate Responsibility Executive of the Year’ award for her more than ten-year commitment at La Trobe Financial, responsible for growing the brand and philanthropic arm of one of Australia’s largest asset management companies.

    With more than 20 years under her belt as a senior executive in multiple roles, both in Australia and overseas, Nesci says:

    “These experiences taught me resilience and determination to build my future without any support.”

    Nesci has recently accepted a new challenge and has been appointed chief marketing officer at Tema Moda, a company specialising in women’s clothing, meticulously designed and handmade in Italy by skilled artisans.

    Her marketing expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of sustainability, will play a key role in the brand’s strategic expansion in Australia and globally.

    “I am truly delighted to be able to embrace this opportunity,” she says.

    “As a proud first-generation Italian with an innate passion for fashion, I can’t help but feel deeply excited to be able to work with a group of outstanding professionals and to be able to transform Tema Moda into a widely recognised high-end brand.”

    In an era in which trends are in constant rotation and shopping has become the ‘lingua franca’, ethical fashion designers are more committed than ever to an enduring mission to educate consumers about the social and environmental impact of so-called “ultra-luxury”.

    The harsh reality is that behind the seemingly tempting five-dollar price tag lie human rights violations, unethical business practices, toxic and harmful chemicals, and huge landfill piles that are slowly affecting our planet.

    The fashion industry also accounts for around 8-10 per cent of global carbon emissions and almost 20 per cent of water waste.

    On the other hand, Tema Moda opts for one hundred per cent organic fabrics and prints, all sourced from the Lombardy region, and sustainable and environmentally friendly tailoring processes.

    “It was above all the possibility of being able to participate in real change that convinced me to accept the role,” she asserts.

    As the daughter of Italian migrants from Vibo Valentia – her paternal great-grandfather had moved and found a wife in Calabria, thus giving rise to a branch of the family in the heart of Southern Italy – Caterina Nesci still remembers afternoons admiring the work done by her mother, a seamstress at Fletcher Jones Australia.

    “Thanks to her, I have always worn the most beautiful clothes and my Italian origins have inspired me to dress impeccably every day. This opportunity, in a professional field that I have always admired, was almost a magnet for me,” she continues.

    “Moreover, I decided to study marketing, because I am fascinated by the creation and growth of a brand. It is exciting every time. It takes a lot of courage to pursue one’s dreams, but I have never betrayed my true identity, or my inclinations.”

    From her office in Melbourne, Nesci will work directly with the head office in Sydney and the workshops in Lombardy as she prepares to launch the autumn-winter collection and carve out space in the Australian market.

    “I feel as if my passion for my profession has suddenly been renewed,” she adds excitedly.

    “It’s because I am working with an innovative, different product and brand. A new chapter in my journey has begun, and I feel very fortunate.”

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