Emanuela Tellaroli, a lifetime spent in fashion.

Emanuela Tellaroli, a lifetime spent in fashion.

Emanuela Tellaroli, a lifetime spent in fashion, the past, the present, the future

Emanuela started working with some of Italy’s best seamstresses in Lombardia when she was just 14 years old. She was stitching evening and special occasion dresses, made from elaborate fabrics like Chiffon, Paillette, Silk and Satin. Wealthy women were wearing these extravagant dresses for all occasions, including fine dining, special ceremonies and business trips. They would vacation and work in some of the world’s most exclusive cities, including Montecarlo, Sardegna, Porto Fino and Paris.

After getting married, Emanuela started working independently, making beautiful custom wedding dresses with detailed fabric such as tulles and paillette. The wedding industry was formative and she learned extensive pattern cutting and design skills from all her unique dresses. Emanuela became the master of cutting, undertaking a very prestigious cutting course in Brescia, where she was asked by the teacher to become a professional cutting instructor of her own. This teacher could see her natural skill and inventiveness, she knew that Emanuela would have a great career in fashion.

Following her wedding business, Emanuela opened her own “laboratorio” (workshop), where she spent many years creating beautiful clothes for high-end Italian fashion labels. She now dedicates all her time to Tema Moda and is looking forward to bringing the beauty of Italian fashion to the Australian community.

Emanuela doesn’t believe much has changed in her long history as a seamstress, but these days a lot more time is spent researching the fabrics and their qualities, ensuring practicality, sustainability and eco-friendliness. Fabrics have always been incredibly beautiful, and now we know a lot more about them. Emanuela loves being involved in the fashion world and she is an inspiration to many.

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