2024 Winter Collection Unveiled!

2024 Winter Collection Unveiled!

Following an intensive process of meticulous design work, our Chief Designer Emanuela Tellaroli and her devoted team have designed another exceptional, one-of-a-kind collection. Emanuela tells us that the genesis of this captivating assortment stems from their keen observations surrounding Italy's rich environment. This immersive approach served as the guiding force inspiring them to craft such extraordinary additions to their ever-evolving line.

You see, Emanuela and her team continuously strive to bring the latest Italian trends through their collections. And in this collection, it is no exception - Italy's winter palette gravitates towards refined shades of green, grey, and black, accentuated by touches of eco-black leather. These elements are seamlessly integrated into streamlined and minimalist straight-cut designs. Under the creative vision of Emanuela, this collection has evolved from previous iterations with meticulous pairings that enhance each silhouette where appropriate.

A number of the designs were inspired by the remarkable women in Emanuela’s life.  She envisioned each of them adorned in our designs. They served as her muse, motivating her to meticulously craft these exquisite creations.

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Emanuela's clear favourite from our collection is the Angie coat; upon finding the fabric, she immediately envisioned its potential and crafted what would become a signature designer silhouette known as the Angie coat.

Maintaining versatility at heart, our core offerings - a timeless pencil skirt and its complementing jacket - are designed with an avant-garde touch of eco-leather that seamlessly complements with any apparel.



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In addition to our collection is a blue lace dress, conceived exclusively keeping in mind the distinct taste preferences of our clientele. This piece personifies uniqueness, originality while resonating timeless elegance. 

In anticipation of the cooler season ahead, the team have also introduced a grey tailor-fitted jacket and pants ensemble along with an innovative sleeveless grey winter coat — ensuring poised sophistication through the cooler months.


Emanuela believes that Italian fashion is renowned for the elegance that has always set us apart. In her opinion, combining Italian elegance with the practicality of the Australian lifestyle (which she believes to be a sense of freedom) is a fantastic fusion of her designs.  It's about finding the perfect balance between sophistication, style and functionality. This balanced approach fulfills our commitment to creating ensembles that enable freedom of movement while embodying elegance.

We have prioritised fabric selections from natural fibres, aligning with the fashion industry's ongoing efforts toward sustainability.

You can now view our 2024 Winter Collection - click here

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